Busi W/Gina Views

While hosting the Global Music fest, we were able to catch hip hop/ battle rap curator Gina Views in between takes to give us a quick run down of who she is and why she got started curating events.

Busi W/ Rosecrans Vic

[Once Upon A Time in LA]​

Busi covering one of the biggest music festivals to end the year, we got Rosecrans Vic to slow down a second backstage and have a fast conversation.

Busi W/ Holland Izz

Busi In Music catches Holland Izz at GMF2, Returning voted Fan Favorite of GMF1, and had a quick conversation.

Busi W/ Payper LA

[Once Upon A Time in LA]​

SneakzBTW & Eli G sit with El Prez at LA’s hottest Urban Music Experience PAYPER LA, to talk about the platform he built, the diversity in LA talent and being at the forefront of music curating.

Busi W/ BG Fast

[Part 2]

In this episode the politics ran deep. Joined by BG Fast and DoughSoOfficial, we discussed the unity in o.c. Relationships w/ Phora, the messages out out through music;breaking the news of Young Dolphs murder, ect. Join the conversation by tuning in.

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